Experience Required: Event Marketing Spend On The Rise

Posted by The Field on Jul 17, 2015
Experience Required: Event Marketing Spend On The Rise

With the release of the latest IPA Bellwether report, it’s clear to see that event marketing spend is on the rise, due to a notable boost in the overall net growth in the Events and Internet categories.

Check out this infographic from the report:


The results are clear: with brand marketing budgets enjoying an overall boost, events companies are recording the highest rates of increase– even more than digital marketing agencies.This is a clear sign that brands have shifted their perspective to focus on creating strong emotional connections with a focus on creating viral dialogue with their audience and its wider network.

At the Field we have seen this reflected in our experiential business, as an increasing number of brands see the importance of experiential as part of a wider marketing mix. A brand’s ability to create an immersive, unforgettable live event is becoming cemented as a core part of brand messaging and the overall brand experience. Consumers are able to interact with the brand on a much more intimate level, taking active roles within an experiential campaign and converting into brand advocates.

We predict that this trend will only continue; with social media now playing an integral part in most experiential campaigns, the digital and events marketing industry will grow further intertwined and spiral in growth. There is no doubt that event marketing budgets will continue to increase as more brands become educated on the true value and reach of experiential marketing. We’re set to see a bright future peppered with creative executions and a stronger relationship with our audience.

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